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Complain about a Councillor

If you wish to complain about a Councillor, it must be about a Councillor’s conduct that has occurred while the Councillor is in office. They would need to be acting as a Councillor or purporting to act as a Councillor.  

Registers of Interests

There are some obligations relating to what interests a Councillor needs to register. Further information is available on the Councillors' Code of Conduct and Declaration of Interests page. You can find individual District Councillors’ registers under the relevant District Councillor’s page here.

Parish/Town or Community Councillor Register of Interest forms can be found by viewing the relevant council's page.

How to complain about a councillor

If you wish to make a complaint against a local parish, town or community councillor, then under the Complaints Handling Procedure (copy below) you should try to resolve this with the local Council first of all.

If this fails, or if you want to complain about a district councillor, then you can make a complaint:

If you prefer you can write and send your complaint to: Council Offices, Gernon Road, Letchworth Garden City SG6 3JF.

The complaint must relate to a Councillor’s role, and they should still be a Councillor.

This is not the correct process to use if you are unhappy with a Council decision - see the Comments, Compliments and Complaints Policy. Town, Parish and Community Councils have their own local policy.

If this is a Code of Conduct Complaint and you wish to make a complaint, then when making a complaint you should set out:

  1. which Councillor you are complaining about and the name of the Council of which they are a member;
  2. their alleged misconduct and dates; and
  3. how you consider their alleged misconduct breaches the relevant authority’s Councillor Code of Conduct. 

The full Councillor Code of Conduct is in section 17 of the Council Constitution.

Each local council listed above have adopted their own Code and should have a copy available on their website.

Further details of how the complaint will be handled are set out in the Complaints Handling Procedure which can be found below.

Complaints Handling Procedure