Approved Neighbourhood Areas - Wymondley

Examination of the Wymondley Neighbourhood Plan

Deborah McCann was appointed as the independent examiner for the neighbourhood plan.

The examiner held an exploratory meeting on Wednesday 30 January 2019. The examiner suspended the examination to enable the Qualifying Body and the District Council to review and update work on the Basic Conditions Statement, The Consultation Statement, The Strategic Environmental Assessment (SEA) and Habitats Regulations Assessment (HRA) screening reports.  These documents were all submitted to the examiner and can be found in the documents listed below. 

The examination of the neighbourhood plan has concluded and the examiners report has been received.  It can be found in the documents listed below.

Consultation of Proposed Submission Neighbourhood Plan (Regulation 16)

Wymondley Parish Council submitted their neighbourhood development plan to North Hertfordshire District Council on 23 March 2017. Consultation took place between 23 June and 4 August 2017. The representations received in respect of this consultation are available to view through our online consultation software.

Consultation on Pre-Submission Neighbourhood Plan – Regulation 14

The draft Wymondley Neighbourhood Plan was published for consultation between April 11 2016 and 25 May 2016.  To view the consultation document visit the Wymondley Parish Neighbourhood Plan website. 

Wymondley Neighbourhood Plan Area

The Wymondley Neighbourhood Plan Area was designated by the Chief Executive in consultation with the Executive Member for Planning and Enterprise by a delegated decision on 26 August 2015.