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Royston Town Council

View the Registers of Councillors' Interests here.

Town Clerk

Caroline Mills

Town Mayor

Cllr Robert Inwood

Town Councillors

Elizabeth Beardwell
Brian Bylett
Ruth Brown
John Davison
Michael Harrison
Mark Hughes
Robert Inwood
Iain Leggett
Thomas Perry
Marguerite Phillips
Philip Smith
Emma Squire-Smith
Carol Stanier


Cllr Ruth Brown

Cllr Brian Bylett

Cllr John Davison

Cllr Michael Harrison

Cllr Mark Hughes

Cllr Robert Inwood

Cllr Iain Leggett

Cllr Thomas Perry

Cllr Philip Smith

Cllr Emma Squire-Smith

Cllr Carol Stanier